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T-shirts design - 2015

The first design had to feature a "vinci-esque vitruvian" character with light powers around him, flying on a hoverboard. He had to look like something between a Jedi, a shaman or a mage with a punk twist and include the text "ASCENDED MASTER".


What follows are sketches I sent to the client. As the main focus for the first design was on the character, I wanted to get the idea for it at an early stage before we would agree on the composition.

For the second design, the idea was to create a composition around the logo featuring sacred geomety elements, Jack Kirby inspired science fiction architecture and machineries and some other elements like pyramids, pantheons and flowers of life. 


After messing around with different compositions, I found an angle that satisfied both me and the client with something that matches the name of the brand.

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